ESV Bible App

ESV Bible App

Of all the Bible apps out there, the ESV Bible app for iPhone and iPad is one of the best. Specifically designed to make reading the Bible on your device as similar to reading a print Bible as possible, it will win over those who haven’t yet found a Bible app they enjoy. This Bible app aims to be the most beautiful and intuitive Bible app available, and it likely accomplishes that goal.

This app is simple but versatile. It includes audio streaming, highlighting, search, reading plans, and note taking capabilities that sync across devices with your account. You can also purchase helpful resources for your in-app library and download the ESV Global Study Bible for free to assist you in your reading. At the same time, you can use the straightforward settings menu to remove all distractions and be alone with the text.

The text you will be reading is the English Standard Version, which is an “essentially literal” translation of the Bible in contemporary English. It was created by a team of more than 100 leading evangelical scholars and pastors and emphasizes “word-for-word” accuracy, literary excellence, and depth of meaning. Since its publication in 2001, the ESV translation of the Bible has gained a wide acceptance among many different denominations and church leaders around the world.

This app does great justice to a solid translation of the Bible. Watch the video below to get a quick overview of its features and a preview of its aesthetic appearance.

What’s for Free

Worth the Money

The Editor’s Take: I have always enjoyed the ESV. Having not grown up reading the Bible, I did not have a translation that I was previously committed to. When it came time to choose one for my daily reading, I picked up an ESV and have never looked back. And with the newest version of the ESV Bible App, Crossway has truly transformed my mornings. Instead of grabbing my phone to browse social media, I use this app to dive into God’s Word. With the ability to remove verse numbers and turn off vertical scrolling, it has quickly become my favorite digital Bible.
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