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PrayerMate prayer app

Have you ever told someone you would pray for them and then forgotten? Do you just wish you prayed more in general? The makers of the PrayerMate App understand your struggle and are here to help. Through its intuitive index card interface, you can be reminded daily to pray for what is important to you. Simply set up a few categories and schedule when you want to pray for those areas and how often. Then, index cards that you add to each category will be waiting for you to pray through during your scheduled prayer time or whenever you have a few spare moments.

In addition to these helpful features, PrayerMate allows you to subscribe to online prayer diaries, pray through the Bible, add photos and PDFs, protect your information with a pin code, and more. Popular blogger, Tim Challies, has said that “without hyperbole: PrayerMate revitalized my prayer life.” You can read about the particular way Tim utilizes this tool here.

Prayer is one of the greatest privileges for the person of faith, and yet most of us wish we were better at it. PrayerMate helps you be faithful in prayer for the people and causes you care about. Now when you say to someone “I’ll pray for you!” you can make sure you follow it up. Check out the video below to get a quick overview of the app.

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The Editor’s Take: I’m a systems guy through and through. Often, I get so caught up in trying to develop an effective system for something, that I neglect actually doing it. With prayer, this can be a serious issue. Thankfully, PrayerMate has already created an effective, simple solution to help me organize my prayer life. And with the ability to set reminders for when I would like to pray, I can avoid getting so caught up in my day that I neglect the grace that is prayer.
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