The Verses Project

The Verses Project

The Verses Project was started by a group of three worship pastors in order to create musical and visual art that helps people memorize and meditate on Scripture. Together, with the help of other great artists, they make songs with lyrics taken word for word from the ESV Bible translation. These beautiful songs have featured a number of talented artists, including Zach Bolen, Robbie Seay, and Charlie Hall.

In addition, each song is accompanied by a piece of visual artwork contribute by a graphic designer that includes the verse being sung. You can listen to one of the songs below as Rivers & Robots play a live performance of the song Psalm 139:15-16, which was written for The Verses Project.

What’s for Free

Worth the Money

The Editor’s Take: I’ll be honest by saying that sometimes Christian music can lack originality or even skill. When you add the fact that the artists are limited to using lyrics that are word for word from the Bible, it could spell disaster. However, that is not the case with The Verses Project. These songs are delightfully creative and a joy to listen to. They are a great tool to use when memorizing Scripture, but can also serve as a perfect backing track for your daily work.
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